Moca Money (Canadian)

Screenshot 2016-01-07 11.45.42

Moca Leaning Money (CAD) is a fun and educational game for kids to practice identifying and solving math problems with coins. Teaches kids how to recognize, count, add, pay and make change coins with coins.

Includes 4 Games:

1 Matching – Match pairs of coins with correct name and value
2 Count Money – Count money and type the answer
3 Pay for Items – Drag the exact amount of money into box to pay for items.
4 Make Change – You have paid some coins for the item, how much will you get back in change?

Features:  Money  includes : penny, nickel, dime, quarter, loonie, toonie, 5 dollar bill, 10 dollar bill, 20 dollar bill.  3 Difficulty Levels:1¢-99¢, $0.01-$5, $0.01-$50.  Track the progress of each user for parents and teachers to evaluate a child’s progress.

Cost:  $2.79 (Can)


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