iCAN Count Money Canada

I Can Count Money Canada

Ranked in Top 10 Educational Apps in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other countries!   Excellent learning tool for children of all ages.

7-in-1 Fun & interactive Canadian money calculator and 6 money counting games! iCAN Count Money Canada is an exciting & fun money counting game for kids from preschool and up. Kids love to drag, flip, pinch, rotate and flick coins and bills across the table to drop them into payment area to make up the correct change. Also includes a coins/money calculator to help children learn how to add up money.  An excellent way to teach children how to use Canadian currency to pay for items, make up change combinations, and calculate how much change they should get back.

Realistic Canadian coins & banknote bills.
All currency denominations up to $100.
Ability to select which denominations to use.
Five levels of difficulty per game.  6 games in 1.

Cost – $3.99 (Canadian)  ** NO VPP pricing **

Link – https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/ican-count-money-canada/id511622932?mt=8

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